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I Know Santa!‚Äč

Let me set you up with a visit in Utah!

About Santa and his team

Santa John has spent the last several years helping out during the Christmas season. He has a goal of making each visit magical and so memorable that the adults present will wish that they had experienced a similar visit when they were children! Our entire team is committed to meeting that goal. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Above is a photo of Santa John Darger conferring with Ann Hatch, his scheduler and Salt Lake regional representative. She coordinates his visits here in Utah.

We believe that your initial impression of Santa is very important. That is why Santa John wears a custom-made Santa suit of plush velvet and thick fur. His belt buckle is brass with a huge 'S' for Santa. He has leather black boots, and hand-cast brass sleigh bells. His beard and hair are home-grown and bleached to a stunning whiteness. Even his tummy is his own. All his clothing and accessories are of the highest quality.

If your event is Victorian, or old-fashioned in nature, Santa John can wear the elegant Victorian Father Christmas robes shown in the slide show. He is also pleased to appear at your event in his 'workshop outfit' which is what he wears while building toys at the North Pole.

Santa John has taken advantage of many opportunities to perfect his craft. He belongs to a number of professional organizations and has taken classes in how best to represent himself as Santa.

Santa is a graduate of, probably, the most prestigious Santa school in the country, the Professional Santa Claus school.

He is a member of the International Order of Real Bearded Santas

the Red Suit Society,

the Utah Santas,

as well as The Brotherhood of the Direct Descendants of Santa Claus.

Santa John is listed on the National Beard Registry

He has earned as Associate of Arts degree at the International University of Santa Claus.

He is background checked, insured, and

He is committed to following the Santa Claus Oath.

For large groups, Santa John is able to bring a candy-striped 'Santa Couch' for the best photos. It graciously accommodates a family or group of adults posing with Santa. The couch helps create tasteful group photographs with Santa, and is a professional touch. When you talk with Ann, she'll be happy to arrange that and tell you about the rental cost.,

Santa can be accompanied by a trained member of his Santa Squad, a professional elf, dressed in a gorgeous outfit reminiscent of Buddy's clothes in ELF. This young woman will transport and assemble the Santa Couch, and will coordinate with your event planner to make sure that everything works smoothly. She will do whatever is necessary to assure the success of your function. She is trained in special techniques to make the visits on Santa's lap portion be magical. She is expert at helping shy children, babies, and other reluctant visitors have a memorable experience. You'll be amazed at her way of encouraging babies to sit and smile while on Santa's lap. She is even adept at charming older children who might think it clever to try and heckle Santa.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best visit from Santa Claus that you've ever imagined!

For adult parties, wedding receptions, and corporate events and civic groups, 

Santa has experience helping your guests relax and enjoy the season.

  • Santa can pose with your guests at the start of your event while a photographer quickly captures the images of each guest looking fresh and at his best with Santa.
  • Santa can mingle during the cocktail hour, or slowly move from table to table during meal service, visiting with each guest and posing for photographs.
  • Santa can emcee you program, introduce your guest speaker or announce the winners of awards or raffles. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how articulate and funny Santa can be.

This is your event. Santa John will do everything in his power to make it special for you and your guests. Make sure to let Spence, Santa's scheduler, know in advance just what you want.