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I Know Santa!‚Äč

Let me set you up with a visit in Utah!

tandard Deposit Once you purchase this item your deposit is paid, and the date and time you and Spence have discussed is confirmed.
Pre-Pay Full Amount of Standard Visit You can save yourself some hassle by pre-paying the charge for Santa now. Since this amounts varies by what package you agree on with Spence, please use multiples of $25 to reach the total of your contract. For example, if your contract price is$200 then you would 'order' 8 of this item.
Santa Couch Rental Use our custom Santa Couch for wonderful and professional photos of family groups and groups of adults. The couch rental comes with an ELF to set it up, take it down, and help you in all kinds of ways in between.
Professional Elf arrange for a professional elf to be an extra set of hands at your event. She will do whatever is needed to ensure the success of your party.
PrePay Santa's GRATUITY Take care of another detail of your event ahead of time. Your wonderful Santa is away from his own family at this special time of year so he can be with YOURS. Rather than needing to tip him at your party, do it now and mark it off your list as done. It multiples of $25. Order as many as you'd like.
Feel free to donate whatever amount you like ("No Gift Too Large...."). Do it in multiples of $25. So a contribution of $500 would mean you'd 'order' 20 of this item. And, thank you.