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I Know Santa!‚Äč

Let me set you up with a visit in Utah!

Price Policy

Please call Spence in Santa's office today. He is most happy to discuss just what will make Santa's visit to your event perfect, and quote you a cost. Most home visits cost $200 and up.

Each visit is different, and yours will be a custom package to fill your needs and wishes.

For most home visits, Santa will spend from 30-45 minutes with your group, and is happy to read a story to the children, lead community singing, visit with each child, and even distribute any gifts or candy that you provide.

For corporate events, Santa is at your disposal, and we'll design a package that perfectly reflects your needs.

There are some possible additional services which include extra charges. The first one is

  • Santa is delighted to spend additional time with your family or guests if it is arranged ahead of time so that his schedule can accommodate it. Let us know how long you want his attendance and we are happy to arrange that for you.

  • Santa can be accompanied by one of his favorite elves. This young woman can entertain children while they wait to speak with Santa. She can take your photos for you (with your camera), she is willing to do whatever you need to ensure the success of your party. If yours is a large event we strongly encourage you to elf. She is specially trained to work with your event coordinator and ensure that everything progresses smoothly.

  • The Santa Couch is available for rental by your group. It helps create wonderful group photos and can be set-up by Santa's elf in about 10 minutes. An additional elf is part of the package with the Santa Couch. After assembly she is also available to help in any way.

  • All regular visits on Christmas Eve have additional special components, and are charged at twice the normal rate.