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I Know Santa!‚Äč

Let me set you up with a visit in Utah!

Santa's Slide 


Somehow, there is lots of camera-action whenever our photogenic Santa shows up! These are some of our favorite photographs from previous years. After Santa visits your home or party this year, feel free to email us with a copy of your favorite photo. We'd love to add

it to this site. Thanks.

If your event is formal, or Victorian in theme, you may want Santa to coming as Father Christmas!

This traditional and historic robe is custom made from Belgian cut velvet and luxurious faux fur of the finest quality. It is floor length, and covers him all the way up all six feet plus of him to his hood. His walking stick was hand-made in Appalachia. Under the robe he wears matching cut velvet trousers. He looks very handsome, and adds a unique feel to your event.

Santa described to me one of his favorite memories. It was a large multi-family party in a lovely home. Santa was surrounded by about thirty adoring young children as he read them a story from one of his huge storybooks. Santa happened to glance over at the adjoining stairs leading to the home's second floor. There, one per stair, were lined up a procession of the young fathers, each leaning over the railing and holding a camera up to his face! I would like to have seen that.

These photos show Santa using our unique'Santa Couch'. It may be just the accessory you need for your event. It makes a great back-drop for your photos, and will hold a lot of children or adults as they pose with Santa. Best of all, couch rental includes a trained and personable ELF who will transport it to you and quickly set it up. Ask about pricing when you talk to Spence, our Santa representative.