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I Know Santa!​

Let me set you up with a visit in Utah!


I want to let you guys know that we could not have been happier with Santa last night!!! We have been doing parties for 6 years now and have had Santa every year, and I can finally say that we have now found the PERFECT Santa Claus!!!!!!! He was so cute with the kids and we loved how he would pose so cute and he had the best facial expressions!!! He was very personable with each child, made all of us feel the Christmas spirit! I was looking through my photos from last night and it brought tears to my eyes! My little girl adored him! First time she didn't cry! Thanks you so so so much for taking your time with no rush, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute! Is it too early to book for next year? I will send you guys some of the photos, they are perfect!

-Shandee N, 2013

Throughout our event his perfect laughter of “ho ho ho ho” rang throughout the room. Santa John also eagerly encouraged a gentleman in his 40’s who is bound to a wheelchair because of Cerebral Palsy to get out of his chair and sit on his lap. He didn’t have him sit on the bench, he helped staff get him out of his chair and got him onto his lap. It was memorable for everyone and was the perfect example of who Santa is and what Santa doe

-Beth D, Region 1 Director, Disabled Services, 2013

I have met this Santa and he is everything a good Santa should be. He is kind and attentive to children. He looks each individual in the eye and spends time making them feels special. And his beard is real! He really does bring the spirit of Christmas with him. I highly recommend.

-Liz D, 2010

Thanks Ann! Santa was fantastic! We appreciated it! The kids really liked him! Look forward to next year if he continues to do this great Santa service!

Tell your brother Thank you!!!! He was super kind and polite! I was a crazy busy hostess that night so hopefully it worked out fine for him.

-Angela S, 2012

Most important to me- This Santa is much more than a 'photo' Santa. (And as a photo Santa I'm sure this Santa would shine.) But my experience with him was where I saw him take enough time with each child to create a little friendship- a laugh or shared smile about a question he might have asked or the cute answer she might have given. It seemed like once she had convinced herself that the beard was real, the genuine little exchange took place. And that is what my grand daughter remembered.

-Stan, 2013

Thanks Ann and thank Santa for his visit to my Christmas party. I really appreciate his thoughtfulness and making each child feel special. See you next year,

- Irene C, 2012

Was so impressed with this Santa - His genuine beard goes with the genuine twinkle in his eye and clearly the genuine love for what he does. He asked my girls darling questions leading to adorable conversations and both were wide eyed and smiling ear to ear the whole time. He looked magical head to toe - We're believers

- Emily, 2013

We asked Santa to visit our manufacturing facility and invited our employees' kids. Everyone enjoyed seeing Santa. After he was done taking pictures with the kids he even walked around our facility to greet our employees. To be honest, they were more excited than the kids were!

-Cynthia O, 2013

We were thoroughly impressed with this Santa session at our family holiday party last year. We liked him so much we're having him back again this year to our family party! He was a pure delight with everyone! The kids loved his look, real beard and great Santa attire! He had awesome interaction with the entire group! He is great!

-Fred R, 2013